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Valley Perinatal is dedicated to providing information and education regarding high-risk pregnancy to physicians and patients. This resources section is full of helpful insights and cases that will enrich your understanding and enhance patient care.

Case History

Incarcerated Uterus

Valley Perinatal Services | March 25, 2017

An advanced maternal age and gestational diabetic patient who was 50 years of age was co-managed at Valley Perinatal. This was her third pregnancy, the two prior were both delivered vaginally. At 11 weeks the patient had a severe urinary obstruction. In order to correct this, the patient was given a rectal examination for reduction […]


Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology With Application for Pregnant Women

Valley Perinatal | May 23, 2017


Medication use is common in pregnancy, yet for most medications the optimal formulation and dosage have not been described specifically for pregnant women. Often, adverse effects are only discovered anecdotally or after extensive off-label use occurs. Since pharmacologic research that includes pregnant women is sparse and anima...


Squints Go Home to Utah

Valley Perinatal Team | June 15, 2018

After a successful delivery of their quintuplets by Dr. John Elliott, the Scott family heads back home to Utah. Watch this video for more information on the amazing journey of the "squints."