Quintuplets: Most Common Pregnancy Questions

There are few joys that are more powerful than the delight that comes when you learn you are pregnant. For many expecting mothers, finding out that you are not having just one, two, three or even four babies, but quintuplets, brings even greater happiness. However, learning that such a pregnancy is considered high risk can make any mother worry. And, if you are like most women, you might be intimidated by the fact that your life is going to drastically change when you suddenly add five new little people to your previously smaller family. What can you do to prepare? We have you covered with answers to some common questions about giving birth to quintuplets that you are probably already forming in your head.

Do I Need to Make Adjustments at Home?

Yes, you will want to make some changes around the house to meet the needs of your quintuplets and you may also need to tweak your registry, too. Equipment and supplies that you thought you only needed one of suddenly have to be increased by four. You will most likely need five high chairs, five sets of sit- and ride-on toys and possibly a creatively decorated nursey if you are expecting a mix of boys and girls. Some items, such as high chairs, may not need to be multiplied, but make sure to sit down and carefully plan out what alterations need to be made in advance of giving birth.

Should I Find a High-Risk Perinatal Specialist?

In many cases, the answer will be yes, especially if your obstetrician has recommended that you see one. Since your pregnancy has been labeled high risk and these types of physicians tend to understand the birthing needs when quintuplets are coming into the world, you really are making a good choice by choosing to see such a specialist. For example, Valley Perinatal is made up of a team of caring and experienced Arizona perinatal specialists who are dedicated to improving the outcome of high-risk pregnancies — including ones involving multiple babies.

What Kind of Post-Birth Assistance Should I Seek?

Welcoming a new child into the home always requires some changes to your home life, whether you are expecting one baby or multiple newborns. No matter how much you love your new role, there will be times of stress. Having a dependable support system made up of caring individuals is always important. While your most trusted friends and family members should always be a resource that you can rely on, it may also be a good idea to seek the companionship and advice of other parents who have quintuplets or multiple children. You might find that they offer new approaches or helpful suggestions when you are facing a challenge unique to parents of multiple babies.

Can’t I Just Wing It?

As you can see above, there are a lot of unique challenges involved with a high-risk pregnancy involving quintuplets. You may be used to taking charge and handling your health and family matters on your own, or at the very least without making a big fuss over such situations. However, in a case where your and your baby’s futures require careful consideration, taking medical and lifestyle-related steps to prepare for your newborns’ arrival is crucial. Make and keep doctor appointments, decide when and how to announce your exciting news and organize everything from your birth plan to your baby gear shopping list. You will be thankful you had a strategy in place when you are in the delivery room and later bringing home your new arrivals.

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