Dr. John Elliott of Valley Perinatal guides successful gestation and delivery of his 22nd set of quintuplets

Mother of quintuplets temporarily moves from VA to AZ to be closer to the world’s leading perinatologist specializing in multi-gestational births.  

Dec. 21, 2016, Scottsdale, AZ — Valley Perinatal Services today announced that leading perinatologist, Dr. John Elliott, working closely with Dr. William Chavira OB/GYN of Phoenix, AZ, has successfully guided the delivery of his 22nd set of quintuplets, this time for a mother who relocated temporarily from Virginia to Arizona to be closer to Dr. Elliott and his team.

“It’s always a tremendous celebration and relief to have five healthy babies born without complications or having to spend weeks in the hospital,” said Dr. Elliott, Medical Director of Valley Perinatal Services. “This wonderful mother from Virginia researched the best way to bring her children into the world. We are grateful she found us here in Arizona.”

Women who carry multiple babies during pregnancy can have a much higher risk of complications. Spontaneous quintuplets are rare in the U.S., occurring in approximately 1 out of 57 million pregnancies. Most quintuplets are born less than 27 weeks into a pregnancy, which increases the risk of complications such as underdeveloped lungs or sight and hearing deficiencies. Dr. Elliott’s average for quintuplets is just over 33 weeks, six weeks more than the national average.

“Dr. Elliott has a unique and effective approach to ensuring women with multiple babies stay pregnant as long as possible before delivering,” said Dr. Chavira. “The fact that this woman went almost five weeks past the national average for gestation means her five new children will have a much greater chance of leading healthy lives.”

Dr. Chavira delivered the quintuplets at 32 weeks via cesarean section using Dr. Elliott’s trusted techniques. The delivery, which occurred on December 4, 2016, lasted less than 20 minutes. The five babies ranged from 3 to 4 pounds, which was better than anticipated. Less than a week later, Dr. Elliott oversaw the successful delivery of quadruplets by Dr. Chavira.

“Many patients who call are scared and looking for help,” added Dr. Elliott. “Our goal is to provide these mothers with a clear path to success and help them feel more in control and optimistic for a positive and joyous outcome.”

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