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Top 5 Tips When Preparing for Multiple Babies

One, two, three … wait, what? The day the technician started counting babies during your ultrasound is certainly one to remember. Suddenly, everything is different. You won’t need just one crib, but two (or three, or four). It means more diapers, more bottles, more spit up — and more joy. Herein lies your first lesson […]


The Multiple Pregnancy Diet: What You Should Know

There are a lot of challenges to eating right when you’re pregnant. Nausea and other digestive symptoms can make food unappetizing, and as your pregnancy progresses there’s less room for your stomach and esophagus. When you’re pregnant with multiple babies, nutrition and eating enough become extra challenging and equally important. Here are some things to […]


Dr Elliott on the Morning Scramble

Dr. Elliott recently appeared on the Morning Scramble to talk about his experience in managing multi-gestational births.  His delivery record at the time of this segment includes over 700 sets of triplets, 102 sets of quadruplets, 14 sets of quadruplets, and two sets of sextuplets.  Expecting mothers of multiples are coming to him from all […]