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Valley Perinatal is a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) practice dedicated to reducing pre-term delivery and creating the best possible outcomes for high-risk expectant mothers. Directed by Dr. John Elliott, MFM specialists at Valley co-manage pregnant women alongside their OB/GYN, leading to higher gestational ages and decreased NICU admissions.

Valley Perinatal Is Now an AIUM-Accredited Practice

What do computers and ultrasounds have in common? They were created in the same decade. When people think of impressive technological advancements, they often think of flashy gadgets or powerful devices. But technology has immensely impacted the medical industry in many ways as well. In obstetrics and gynecology, obstetric ultrasounds have revolutionized the way we […]


Rising Preterm Birth Rates: Who, What, Why and How

In 2016, nearly 10 percent of infants born in the United States were preterm. This means an estimated 15 million babies were born too early – before 37 weeks of gestation. When babies do not reach full-term development inside the womb, serious complications can result. According to the annual March of Dimes report, the number […]


Ways to Track Your Nutrition During Pregnancy

People need a lot of different nutrients in order to live a healthy life. Once you become pregnant, diet becomes especially important, both for your health and your baby’s. Getting your baby’s life started off right depends on you getting the recommended nutrients in the right amounts before, during and after your pregnancy. Taking prenatal […]


The Multiple Pregnancy Diet: What You Should Know

There are a lot of challenges to eating right when you’re pregnant. Nausea and other digestive symptoms can make food unappetizing, and as your pregnancy progresses there’s less room for your stomach and esophagus. When you’re pregnant with multiple babies, nutrition and eating enough become extra challenging and equally important. Here are some things to […]


Case Study: EFT in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Pregnancies

Dr. Ravi Gunatilake published a recent article in Obesity: A Research Journal. The article provided extensive insight into the impact that gestational diabetes has on a baby’s weight. Below are the highlights of the case study. Diabetes and Fetal Obesity There has been evidence that the metabolic environment of a mother can affect fetal metabolism. […]