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About Us

Valley Perinatal is a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) practice dedicated to reducing pre-term delivery and creating the best possible outcomes for high-risk expectant mothers. Directed by Dr. John Elliott, MFM specialists at Valley co-manage pregnant women alongside their OB/GYN, leading to higher gestational ages and decreased NICU admissions.

Perinatal Mental Health

It is not uncommon to experience emotional changes during a pregnancy. After all, your body is going through a variety of dramatic changes. It would be stranger if you didn’t feel a little different. However, if you are nearing the last few weeks of your pregnancy and have noticed that your moods are extremely low, […]


A Guide to Excellent Nutrition When Pregnant

There are many reasons to care about following an excellently nutritious diet during your pregnancy. Malnutrition and other serious health risks are more likely to occur if you are not eating the right foods to keep you and your baby healthy. If you have gestational diabetes or preexisting diabetes, or if you are overweight, eating […]


What Is High Risk Pregnancy? What Causes it?

You thought your pregnancy was going just fine. Then, one day, your OB/GYN told you some concerning news: you are facing a high-risk pregnancy. What does this mean for you? What does it mean for your precious baby-to-be? Here are some answers about high-risk pregnancies and perinatal care to help you understand what is going […]


Announcing the Arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona

At Arizona’s Valley Perinatal Services, we are very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona. She will provide her medical services at our Mesa, Tucson, and Sierra Vista locations. Stephanie’s perinatal obstetric specialties include addiction and pregnancy, mental health disorders, nutrition and pregnancy, endocrine disorders, growth restriction, and preterm […]