Announcing the Arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona

At Arizona’s Valley Perinatal Services, we are very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM in South Arizona. She will provide her medical services at our Mesa, Tucson, and Sierra Vista locations. Stephanie’s perinatal obstetric specialties include addiction and pregnancy, mental health disorders, nutrition and pregnancy, endocrine disorders, growth restriction, and preterm birth. We are so excited to have Stephanie join our expert team and enhance our practice’s delivery of care with all she brings. Continue reading to learn more about Stephanie, her impressive professional background, and her personal philosophies as a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Professional Background and Recognitions

Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, followed by her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally, she received her Master of Arts in Addiction Studies from the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. She also completed a number of fellowships and residencies over the course of six years. These included working with the OB/GYN departments at the University of Minnesota and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, as well as with the University of Texas in Houston, Texas. Stephanie has worked with five diverse healthcare organizations in three different states, with her most recent experiences including working with First Physicans Group in Sarasota, Florida, as well as in perinatology settings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition to her impressive work history, Stephanie’s commitment to perinatal medicine has earned her several prestigious awards, including the Healthy Start Coalition 2018 Laura Gilbey Advocate Legacy Tribute for her community service to pregnant mothers. Stephanie also received recognition for her establishment of a coalition and a support group to help pregnant women who are suffering from addiction. Stephanie is the kind of kindhearted, professional, and accomplished perinatal physician that Valley Perinatal Services is proud to welcome to our team of MFM specialists.

Dedicated to Compassionate Patient Care

As an MFM specialist, Stephanie is highly dedicated to providing quality perinatal medical care that allows women with high-risk pregnancies to have greater chances of positive outcomes when it is time to deliver. She is committed to going above and beyond for her patients; she wants to reassure them when they are facing stressful medical situations and help them understand that she will be there to help them with their health concerns throughout their perinatal journeys. This includes providing women with a thorough explanation of the steps and processes involved in their perinatal care. Stephanie’s professional mantra is: “Always be kind and do the right thing for the patient. Never forget to be compassionate.” She is dedicated to going above and beyond to help her patients and always strives for positive outcomes. Her commitment to putting this statement into practice can be seen in the results she has obtained for her patients as well as the recognition she has received for her work as an MFM specialist.

Working to Achieve Positive Outcomes

Dr. Stephanie Hedstrom, MFM and the rest of team of perinatal specialists at Arizona’s Valley Perinatal Services want to help mothers with at-risk pregnancies achieve the best possible results for themselves and their unborn children. We will work with you and the members of your care team to find ways to manage your healthcare that are the safest and healthiest available to you. If you would like Stephanie or one of our other perinatologists in Arizona to help you with your care after a high-risk diagnosis, talk to your OB/GYN about co-managing your perinatal care with our team. We can be reached by phone at 480-756-6000 or contacted via our online contact form.