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Valley Perinatal delivers better outcomes for high-risk pregnant mothers and their babies.

August 15 , 2018 - Scott Quintuplets: A Story of Hope

Why choose a Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Specialist?

MFM Specialists (also called Perinatologists) play a vital role in achieving the best outcomes for pregnancies that demand extra special care. While many pregnancies proceed normally through delivery, approximately 20% involve some type of complication, and that percent increases with age. Women with health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, multiple gestations, or women who become pregnant later in life are often referred to a Perinatologist for added expertise in monitoring their pregnancy.

When an Ob/Gyn indicates to a pregnant mother that there may be concerns about her baby, it can cause fear and anxiety. Our MFM Specialists not only serve as highly trained experts but also as trusted advisors and advocates for the mother during her high-risk pregnancy. The Perinatologist knows how to use advanced tools and technologies to determine the precise health conditions and implement the best approach to ensure the success of the pregnancy.

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Dr. John Elliott, Medical Director of Valley Perinatal

The success of Valley Perinatal rests on the 42 years of experience of Dr. John Elliott. An internationally recognized authority in maternal-fetal medicine, Dr. Elliott is the driving force behind Valley Perinatal with unparalleled expertise in caring for mothers of high-order multiples. Having delivered more quintuplets (23) and quadruplets (109) than any other perinatologist in the world, Dr. Elliott has been able to extend the gestation of multiples 6 weeks beyond the national average, positively impacting the health of each baby and blessing the lives of their families.

Dr. Elliott has published ground-breaking professional articles considered essential to the practice of maternal-fetal medicine and the care of high-risk obstetric patients. He teaches at national and international conferences and symposia. He was listed in Woodward and White’s Best Doctors in America for 15 years and in America’s Top Doctors for 12 years. He has won the Phoenix “Top Doc“ award and has been listed as one of 81 (1%) top Perinatologists by US News and World Report. Dr. Elliott received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He completed his residency in Ob/Gyn at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center and his fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of California – Irvine.

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Patient Stories

“Dr. Elliott made it clear that if there was a way to carry all five babies, he knew how to make it happen. And he did!” – Michael Baudinet


How MOMS and BABIES benefit

Our sole focus is to help mothers and their babies achieve the best possible outcome. That's why we employ the brightest and most experienced maternal-fetal medicine specialists, highly skilled nurse practitioners and nurse midwives, as well as specially trained sonographers at our high-risk pregnancy center. We understand the added stress of high-risk pregnancies and provide skills and reassurance as we walk side by side throughout the entire process. Because our doctors work with all kinds of high-risk situations, each of them can develop a course of action based on best practices, confer with one another to validate their approach and work closely with the mother throughout the pregnancy so that no detail is overlooked.

Ob/Gyns and perinatal offices trust Valley Perinatal to help them co-manage their high-risk expectant mothers and avoid pre-term delivery. Pregnant mothers turn to Valley Perinatal for reassurance and expertise as our MFM specialists assist their Ob/Gyns in delivering their babies safely and with less risk of complications.

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Co-Managing Patient Care

We know how to team up with Ob/Gyns at the first indications of risk. Working together to co-manage your pregnancy, we can consistently achieve the highest, healthiest gestational age possible for babies. In fact, typically after just a few short months working with our hospital partners, we can help decrease the number of extreme preterm deliveries at their facilities by as much as 50%. Mothers and their OBs have greater peace of mind knowing that a specialist is at their side every step of the way guiding them through what otherwise could be a very worrisome situation.

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