The Weavers Quadruplets

The Weavers family traveled to us from Idaho to receive the care of Dr Elliott as they prepared to deliver quadruplets. She recently hit her goal and delivered at 32 weeks. We’re so excited for the Weavers and their family. Heather did a great job and stayed strong! Maggie O’Mara and Channel 7 from Boise visited to capture their heartwarming story.

Checking in with Boise’s quad family and their new arrivals

The Longest Labor: Revisiting high-risk pregnancy

One of Dr Elliott’s success stories from 25 years ago made a follow-up visit recently. 25 years ago she feared she would lose her baby. Today she is a proud mother of a daughter who is living life to its fullest. Although the last few decades have not been easy for physicians who battle preterm labor, success stories like this remind us at Valley Perinatal of why we do what we do!


The Longest Labor: Revisiting high-risk pregnancy

Patient Stories – The Luceros

Experiencing the joys of parenthood has not come easy for the Luceros. Last year after finding out they were pregnant with quintuplets, they were told that they needed to reduce the number of fetuses to have any chance of a successful prengnacy. Unwilling to accept that news, they flew from New York to Arizona to have Dr Elliott care for their pregnancy. Angel MedFlight recently documented their experience. Valley Perinatal is grateful for the privilege of sharing in their experience.