Valley Perinatal Services serves the women and future parents of Arizona. The practice is directed by Dr John Elliott, one of the leading perinatologists specializing in multi-gestational births. Dr Elliott is consistently listed in “Best Doctors in America”, Guide to America’s Top Obstetricians and Gynecologists”, “America’s Top Doctors”, and in the top 1% of perinatalogists by US News and World Report.

In September 2012 Dr Elliott supervised the care and delivery of two sets of quintuplets at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, AZ. On September 6th, Carmen Matthews delivered her quintuplets at 34 weeks gestational age. On September 26th Meryl Ferraro delivered her quintuplets at 32 weeks and 5 days gestational age. Both mothers and all ten babies are doing well at this time. The average gestational age for the delivery of quintuplets in America is 28 weeks. The average gestational age for quintuplets under Dr. Elliott’s care is 33 weeks and 1 day. Dr. Elliott has delivered 14 sets of quintuplets in his career. He is renowned for his ability to extend the time in the womb, effectively reducing handicaps and other ailments associated with preterm delivery.

He [Dr Elliott] gives you that confidence. The first doctor we saw basically just gave us a bunch of doom and gloom. And so when you’re faced with that, you’re just looking for someone else to give you the hope…
There’s all kinds of things that can happen.  It’s just a question of having the right attitude and the tools involved.  — Dr John Elliott
World Class Physicians
VPS offers a team of top physicians
Valley Perinatal Services operates under the direction of leading physicians in the field of perinatology.  Staff physicians consistently appear in “Best Doctors in America” rankings.
Genetic Counseling
Understanding your genetic makeup
Understanding how your genetic makeup affects you can make a big impact on decisions you make related to pregnancy and leading a healthy lifestyle.
Cutting Edge Technology
Using latest technologies to provide best care
Staff utilize technology to make the best possible diagnosis and provide the highest level of patient care.
Diabetic Services
Tailoring lifestyle choices for success
Our diabetic services program helps patients understand their bodies and how to make choices that will lead to the best possible outcome.